Clinical Psychology psychotherapy services in Fourways/Lonehill, Sandton, Johannesburg Area

Individuals – Adults and Teenagers

Individual psychotherapy approach looks at the nature and quality of the person’s interpersonal relationships (behaviour patterns) directly correlated to their degree of mental health. Adele approaches psychotherapy from a systematic view and is goal directed in the process. The aim of therapy is to mobilise clients in identifying and addressing their difficulties in a tangible manner, which in turn creates a feeling of control and power within their life. The duration of psychotherapy is often completed in a limited number of sessions; however the level of progress is determined by the complexity of the client’s situation as well as the level of commitment of the Client.


All cases which involve a child will begin with a session with a parent(s) of the child, which a full developmental, social and educational history taking session where the current presenting problem and reason for referral is discussed in detail. From the relevant information gathered from the parent(s) an effective therapeutic intervention (Play therapy and Teddy Bear Therapy) will be identified. I deal with a broad range of psychological, emotional and social difficulties which children present with.

Couples and relationship therapy

Couples therapy is a speciality, as she has completed her Ph.D in The effects of a pre-marital communication training programme and the levels of marital satisfaction: A one-year follow-up study. The findings indicate that effective communication is essential for marital/relationship satisfaction. The quality of the communication in a couple’s relationship is indicative of the levels of satisfactions within the relationship. Both partners are seen individually by the therapist for assessment regarding where they stand in your relationship and whether or not couples sessions are a possibility. Once commitment is received from both parties couples sessions commence. Adele focuses on equipping the couple with effective speaking and listening skills to increase the effectiveness of addressing the identified difficulties in their relationship. Couples often place great amount of time, energy and effort into their relationship initially and then become complacent and take their partner for granted, various additional aspects of the relationship are addressed regarding the preservation of your relationship i.e. time, boundaries, wants and needs, etc.


The rapid induction hypnotherapy process was developed by Prof. Charl Vorster and is a very powerful therapeutic tool which has very successful results and is used when indicated based on a full assessment of the client in the initial session. Hypnotherapy can be used independently or in conjunction with other therapeutic tools.


Adele is available for psychological assessment for adults and children. The assessment is based on clinical observations, various assessment tools, based on the requirements of the assessment, as well as projective tests. All which are combined to form a comprehensive clinical assessment of the client.

Adele currently works with Alison Bennett, psychometrist, assessing people for IQ, personality and career choice, children for school readiness and scholars for concession and subject choices.


Supervision is available for masters students, interns, community service and newly qualified psychotherapists practicing from an integrative interactional approach.

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